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Townhome and Condominium Association Management

At Marketplace Management, we recognize that the value of a townhome or condominium is directly linked to the strength of the community's association.

Scope of Services

Marketplace Management offers dedicated property management services targeted toward homeowner associations. We custom tailor our management services to meet the needs of your association. Our primary objective is to assist the board of directors in managing your association in order to protect and enhance the investment of each homeowner and maximize the value of your association dues.

When you work with Marketplace Management, you can expect a wide range of professional and efficient services, including:

  • Oversight of all exterior vendor services, such as lawn maintenance, snow removal and exterior repairs to ensure your association is receiving the best service at the best price.
  • Enforcement of association bylaws and declarations.
  • Communication with owners to address board actions or other issues.
  • Attendance at board meetings and implementation of board decisions.
  • Management of all financial details, such as budgets, invoices, and association dues as well as production of monthly financial statements.
  • Solution-based management services.

Marketplace Management works diligently to achieve economies of scale throughout our managed portfolio by leveraging professional relationships with service vendors, financial experts and legal consultants to provide cost-effective resources to meet your association's needs. We pass along all savings and perform our services in a straightforward manner – without any hidden fees.

Our team of certified management professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of service available. We take pride in catering to the unique needs of each client and welcome the opportunity to put our expertise to work on your behalf.